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Center of Power

Dear Cyber Friends,

Are you in a relationship which does not support you? Are you in a job which causes unhappiness and distress? Are you feeling insecure, unfulfilled? If so and you want changes, read further and prepare for a new day. 

In the center of your being, there is a core of knowing, loving harmonious oneness with the universal creator.  In this place your Light is constantly working to unify your outer experiences with your soulís true purpose. You have an important connection to this place and from it stems your innermost dreams, desires and needs.  When you are centered and grounded in this power, you easily manifest the positive, loving experiences you desire and need for your soulís growth.  When this is not the case, your power is weakened by distractions you create out of fear, using manipulation and control. Your life strays further from the Light and to avoid the pain you create diversion. You fill the emptiness in your life with drugs, alcohol, mindless activity, noise and manic relationships so as to not feel, when in fact, to feel is to heal. 

Many times your fear will attract unhealthy relationships seemingly inescapable and hopeless.  You give your power away to another person or situation, staying in a bad job, losing sight of your own ability to create happiness and security for yourself.  You begin to believe that this is all there is for you; that your happiness is totally dependant on another personís involvement in your life. Your very existence seems completely intertwined within the emotional upheavals of the relationship, rather than seeing clearly that you have the power to change the negative experiences into positive ones. The pain that arises when you give your power away is inevitable Ė you can not make changes when you become powerless. Losing faith in your own unique and powerful connection to God takes you further away from the Light.

 The universe always provides what you ask for.  If what you ask for comes from fear and selfishness you will receive experiences that reflect that back to you.  When you are hoping for a good relationship yet feel inadequate about sustaining it, you attract a relationship that brings pain and drama. The person you attract is a reflection of what you perceive in yourself. Look at what is happening around you and you will know what you believe about yourself. To remain in a bad relationship or an unhappy work situation, you have to be giving away precious portions of yourself in order to keep it going. Enough is enough! Decide to take your power back now! Use that Energy to manifest what you want in your life; what God wants you to have.

Healing and rebuilding damaged communications between your inner self and your outer experiences is the first and most important step in rebalancing your center of power.  Make a decision today to change. Change is not always comfortable at first but you can do it.

Ask Spirit what lessons you need to learn from this experience. The answers will not be about the other person, but about yourself. Listen carefully as your answers come forth. In getting your answers and doing the work you need to do on yourself,  you will no longer need to attract negative people and experiences as a wake up call.

Iíve created a meditation for you so find a quiet place and letís begin your process of renewal and change:

 Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, see in your mindís eye, the power you have given away returning to you as a warm, healing Light.  Picture the core of your being filled with this Light and see it opening lines of communication between yourself and the rest of the universe. Ground yourself within the Light and feel it connect you to the Earth. Envision a silver cord running down your spine, rooting in the center of the Earth.

See yourself turning a switch connected to this light, creating a very bright intensity. You are turning up the frequency of your power and influence. Allow this bright and powerful Light to cleanse and motivate you to move in the right direction, to motivate you to stay centered and balanced in your power, creating love, abundance and peace for yourself and all those around you. And so we let it be.


        I am centered in my power and allow magic to work in my life.

        Thank you God for healing my fears and allowing me to live fully from the center of my power.

        I vibrate at the highest frequency of Light and allow myself and others abundance, love and peace now.

For additional affirmations and info on how they work, check out these affirmations. You will also find wonderful affirmations in the newsletters previously sent. And located here.

Reminder, a meditation tape on this topic (not the same meditation as in this newsletter), ďDome of LightĒ - (Description; Harmonize, balance and raise the frequency of your vibration. Journey to a place of personal power. Renew your spirit, release the past and activate energies of manifestation. Learn how choices become clear by using the mind for your highest and best good), can be ordered by clicking here, the MP3s can be downloaded from this page.

This is a great time to get a running start by scheduling your reading with me in preparation of the New Year. For more information on my readings and how I can help you or for scheduling, please contact my assistant David at 310 457-1165.

Please share this with your email list and friends 

Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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