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Love Beyond Yourself

Dear Cyber friends,

In these times of unbelievable tragedy and loss around the world and more specifically in the countries so horrifically hit by the tsunami, nothing has been more positive and uplifting than the love, support and kindness being shown by so many incredible people.  Parents who have lost their own children are putting aside their pain and opening their hearts to take in children who have lost their parents.  Survivors are helping other survivors rebuild homes and lives from the rubble.  Those who have are giving generously and unconditionally to those who do not, many of them not even able to fathom the extent of the desolation. 

People from all over the world dropped everything to rush to the aid of strangers and almost everyone has opened their wallet to give financial support for the tragic victims on the other side of the world.  The basic generosity, love and kindness that well from within the very souls of the people on this earth give hope to those who are experiencing their darkest hours.  

Time and time again over the course of history, the human spirit has been tried and tested.  Through wars, genocides, sickness and acts of nature the soul continues to rise above the tragedy and lets love guide its actions.  The hope that finally shines from the spirit of the weary comes from the true, deep knowledge of this love.  The soul’s ability to love is vast and if it is allowed to guide our actions without the negative energy of fear and self-doubt, we will always find ourselves experiencing manifestations of this love. 

The brilliant spirit of love that created this vast universe connects all spirits on the highest, purest level.  When tragedy strikes with such unimaginable force and destruction, pain is felt on all levels of the collective consciousness.  The empathy that we feel for those who lost so much has nothing to do with logic or reason on the physical level.  We feel for them in the very deepest part of our souls where pure love and compassion is found.  This huge outpouring of concern and support focused on the victims of the tsunami overwhelmed the world with its intensity.  It has given hope to those who thought they had nothing left.  It gives the hardest hit a reason to keep living and it bears witness to the simple truth that love, in its purest form, can be found in every part of the world at any time.  

Please join with me now to do a special meditation to increase your ability to give and receive love ~


Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale. Allow yourself a calming at your deepest level. Relax and lower the muscles in your shoulders (are you surprised at how tight they are?). Let peace flow through you, releasing the burdens which are not yours to carry. Allow yourself the freedom and lightness of being.


      You can easily now sense the light of your soul radiating up to your heart center. Feel the heartbeat of the universe resonating through you and your own heart beating to its rhythm as one.


      Sense the pulsating magnetic quality of love radiating from your heart… rings of magnetic love … spiraling out… surrounding you… drawing love to you in all forms and from all directions, allowing you to send and receive greater love.


      As you draw in this love, connect your soul with the beauty and love found deeply within all people… connect to all that is good and wonderful on our planet. Visualize the rays of light beaming from your heart center first to your loved ones, your  family and pets, then to your neighbors and community and finally outward to the world…


The more love you can send out without fear or manipulation but just in its purest form, the higher and brighter the Light of love and spirit will be in your life and in our world.

Please do this mini-exercise three times a day for seven days, and you will be amazed by the increase in your capacity to give and receive love.

For information about my readings and how I can help you see the future and create your future, call my assistant, Dave at 310 457-1165. Check out the powerful meditation tapes and MP3 downloads by clicking here.


Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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