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Ageless Energy

Dear Cyber friends,

Do you have problems with fatigue, aches and pains, depression & anxiety? Maybe what you need is a break from a life zapping cycle. Instead of getting hopped up on caffeine or turning to pharmaceutical companies to lift your spirit, try an earth connection.

As our lives get increasingly complex with all the wonders of technology and the concrete maze of freeways and cityscapes we must work to balance our beings. Sure, you can be a computer wiz, but youíll be better at it if you get some oxygen in your lungs. Itís great to be a high-powered exec or creative genius but no matter what your vocation or aspiration, youíre going to need your body and your sanity to take you where you want to go. One of the most effective ways to have a more satisfying relationship with your own truth is to get to know your deepest self. You canít know what will make you happy or bring you more health, wealth, love and energy if youíre too busy to even think. One quick remedy to this modern dilemma is to spend some time in nature.

Not everyone is capable of transcendental meditation or sitting in one position for very long but there are many ways to create a space in your life for an earth connection. If you are willing to take a walk you may find that such a simple thing is, in fact, meditative. When youíre on your walk, notice the green of the grass, take time to look at the bark on a tree, notice the blue sky and the clouds. My friend, you are one step closer to nature. Like nature we humans transform and go through many changes. Thatís what it means to be natural. If you are house bound start an inside garden or get a pet. If you have allergies, perhaps you can start an aquarium. Take a little time to consider what might be most appropriate for you.

Once you are involved in a meditative task many insights can come to you, many truths that you hid from previously are revealed. Because in our heart of hearts, we know everything that is essential to our happiness, to our success. Not in our minds. The mind doesnít know. The heart knows.

Take some time, sit in your favorite chair with a comfy pillow you can lie down, or just stand in your favorite part of your walk and quote this simple affirmation to increase your heart wisdom and your body energy:

I am ENERGY, strength, peace, happiness and prosperity.
The LOVE which is active in me, flows FROM MY HEART
through my physical body in a RADIATING purifying,
cleansing, healing stream that removes all obstacles
from outside and within and brings
peace, vibrancy and harmony to my mind, body and soul.

I am well, strong, vital!
I am beautiful, peaceful, poised.
I am buoyant, happy, free.
I am filled with health, radiance and
the power to accomplish whatever I want to do.

For information about my readings and how I can help you see the future and create your future, call my assistant, Dave at 310 457-1165. Check out the powerful meditation tapes and MP3 downloads by clicking here.


Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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