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Personal Development

A Whole Again Resource Guide
A select list of personal growth and planetary wholeness resources

Abundance Tools for Lightworkers
How to continually create a more abundant life. Tap into
natural spiritual principles for creating abundant good health, wealth, peace of mind, spiritual clarity and emotional balance.

The site where you can download and test drive at no cost the award winning WellnessMaster program, a unique interactive software created to help you reach Optimal Wellness, get rid of any addiction, master stress, learn how to practice your own healthy life style and reach all your life goals. Discover also the Wellness Power Book Series of free e-Books.

A Gentle Touch - Training Mediums for the new world
We hope to be able to give people enough information so
they can make informed decisions about their development eg:- is mediumship right for me and who is the right person to train me.

Akashic University:  Thinking InTune
Online distance learning of intuitive and psychic development, astrologer, spirituality, remote viewing and more.  Meet our distinguished group of professors, educators and authors.

Angel Valley
Spiritual Retreat Center hosts spiritual and health conscious groups and individuals. 70-acre setting on Oak Creek with creekside guesthouses, cabins and luxury tipis. Our 1100 sq ft building for meeting space, yoga and workshops, our historic Light House for meditation and numerous healing modalities, a 7-circuit labyrinth, individualized vortex experiences and much more.

Awakening Path
When was the last time you felt as free and innocent as a
child? Deep within you is the source of all perfection,
and you can touch that source once again. At last, you can
realize the incredible nature of who you really are...

Averi, Malibu's Resident Psychic ®
For more than 30 years, thousands of people worldwide
including Fortune 500 executives, Hollywood celebrities,
Congressmen and U.S. Presidents - have sought out Averi's
psychic guidance and powerful insights to enrich their
careers and personal lives.

Averi's Powerful Meditation Tapes
Empowering meditation tapes to heal and increase psychic abilities.

Be smart person, develop your mind
Help people with ideas, tips, improve the mind, practice The Laws of Universe URL:

Body language decoding, self hypnosis, life coaching.
Learn from the concepts of Aikido, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, and benefit from Seishindo Practices by visiting our site and subscribing to our free newsletter for individuals and professionals.

How to Boost your Willpower
for fitness, self-improvement and mental health.
A proven powerful method to boost willpower, free of depression, bad habits, low self-esteem and overcome negative beliefs, panic and more.

A quest towards empowerment, metaphysical insight, spiritual purpose and personal development.

Spiritual support, resource and home of the self development book,
"A Moment with Eternity".

Career Coaching
Master your workload and minimize stress with career coaching from Mind Tools.

certuspersonality - Examines the energies with which a person was born and which direct the individual's life purpose, occupational preferences, partner compatibility, sex life, health dispositions, and other important characteristics. - Basic tests FREE online.

Denver School of Massage Therapy
Find out how a career in massage therapy can impact your life
at Denver School of Massage Therapy, a state-of-the-art Cortiva Institute.
Dr. Encouragement shares messages of encouragement sent every ten days. Available are award winning audio tape presentations of positive personal and social adjustment.

Serving the spiritual and economic needs of individuals and organizations by building a living community of transformation and interaction.

Hemi-Sync For You
A comprehensive online resource for the most powerful self-help/motivational tapes & CDs available in the market! the Hemi-Sync® process promotes relaxation and increased concentration with soothing musical titles and audio guidance.


Joy Evans Daily Message
A daily audio message in your e-mail box every morning (365 days a year) from Joy Evans. Messages range from motivational and spiritual to thoughtful and humorous.

Online Courses and information on Meditation, Mind/Body, Zen, Reiki, Japanese Culture, Homeopathy, Feng Shui, Ayurveda and More. Home of the 3-minute Online Meditation Rooms!

Personal Growth, Spiritual Healing, FREE meditation technique, Classes and home study courses

Legal Code of Ethics
Provides references to articles about business and legal code of ethics. Most articles are authored / co authored by Werner Erhard.

Living the Life
Living is not the story of your life. Living is the process of experiencing right now. Learn more about the art of living the good life!

Manchester School of Massage
Training in holistic and alternative therapies since
1989. Also available... Massage Treatments, Holistic
Therapy Treatments, Massage Couches and Gift Vouchers.

Internet Magazine For Personal Development and Health

Building self esteem and self confidence is the key to happiness and success.

New Thought Web Directory
A fully searchable directory of over 850 New Thought, Self Improvement, Unity, Religious Science, A Course in Miracles websites

NPL Self Treatment
Self-help healing: making use of an NPL distance healer's energies to break down your own or someone else's subconscious blockages. When you concentrate on an NPL healer, his subconscious mind will perceive this and his subconscious energy will flow towards you or another person for whom you ask for help and remove blockages in your or the other person's subconscious mind.
Find yourself and discover inner freedom. Self-improvement, psychology, spirituality.

Point of Life.Com
A journey to enlighten your mind, body, soul, wealth, and happiness.

Remote Healing
LTA personal development - to fundamentally improve personality, Health and all kinds of problems and circumstances in life, example treatments on the website.

Sacred Grounds Of Long Island
Sacred Grounds purpose is to share with you messages and teachings they receive from the other side about your life with regard to your spiritual contract.

SelfGrowth.Com is the most complete guide
to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Self Help Zone - A Place for Self Improvement and Personal

A complete source of information on self help, self improvement and personal growth. It has over 500 articles on personal development, covering topics such as self confidence, goal setting, motivation, success and finding your purpose in life.

Self Improvement Quotes
Improve yourself every day!

Spiritual Light Journey
Services, books, ezineSpiritual Light Journey: spiritual services of counseling, groups/seminars, and informational ezine relating to spirituality, self-help,
new thought, and metaphysics

Success-Talk Radio
SuccessTALK Channels features over twenty-two Channels, eighty Hosts and Presenters and over thirteen hundred hours of audio content archived in topic specific, key word searchable libraries. Last month SMG streamed over 1,250,000 listener minutes. Traffic grows monthly at approx. 35% per month.

The Spirit of Now
Peter Russell's much acclaimed site on Consciousness and Personal Growth. Includes sections on The Global Brain, Mind Maps, Science and Consciousness, God, and Being in the Present, and the text of many of his essays and books.

The Family of Light Healing Center
An international mobile healing center offering channeling, stone medicine, massage, reiki, educational forums and more.

The Journal of Wayne Wirs
Photography and the Pursuit of Inner Peace. A personal journal of one man’s quest for inner peace - and his ongoing efforts to capture that feeling through his photography.

Transformational Tools Made Simple
Discovering your life path and becoming the best that you can be is a process. Transformation Tools Made Simple offers a spiritual perspective and tools that are simple, yet profound.

Unity Love
Searching For Answers? Seeking Life Changes? Come into the Awareness that will change every area of your life! A Complete and Simple Understanding is given, in such a way, that no matter where you are on your path, it allows you to Step right into Your Love, Happiness, Beauty, Heaven on Earth and Live It Now! Awaken To Who You Really Are!

Welcome to the happy side of life!
It's all about You -- and your happiness!

What is Your Personality Type?
Abby Eagle. NLP coaching, Meta coaching, transformational coaching, personal coaching. Utilising NLP, Neuro Semantics, Hypnotherapy and Meditation to clear the past and bring your dreams into reality. Roger Hamilton Wealth Dynamics Personality Profile. Myers Briggs - Keirsey Bates Temperament Sorter - Enneagram - DISC Personality Types - NLP Meta Programs - Talent Dynamics Profile - Wealth Spectrum Test.

As a man thinketh so is he
Creating reality with thought process and belief systems. If we would like to improve our life, we will have to improve our thoughts.

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