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Averi, Malibu's Resident Psychic
For more than 30 years, thousands of people worldwide
including Fortune 500 executives, Hollywood celebrities,
Congressmen and U.S. Presidents - have sought out Averi's
psychic guidance and powerful insights to enrich their
careers and personal lives.

Averi's Powerful Meditation Tapes
Empowering meditation tapes to heal and increase psychic abilities.

Angels and Affirmations
Angel/intuitive readings, gifts, links to books, CD's, DVD's, Oracle Cards, etc.

Christa Resources
Promotes the works and teachings of Adriene Wentworth, spiritual healer, teacher and creator of the Christa Healing method.

Devi Press
Publisher of books on spirituality, metaphysics, spiritual practice, and mysticism.

Doorway to the Soul
A website about angels, self awareness, healing, channeling,
meditation, transformation and (still growing)

Doves  Healing World
Reverend JoAnne aka Dove is a conscious channel, reiki master, lightarian teacher, energy soul artist, healing writter, medical intuitive, animal totem seer, and spiritual medium.

Global Visions
A nonprofit online community. Our vision is to promote planetary harmony and celebrate the diversity of cultures.

Infinite Goddess - Embracing The Divine Mother
A short but penetrating exploration of God in the form of the Goddess or Divine Mother.

Karinya for Body, Mind and Spirit

One World Events Calendar
We network events of the Holistic, Spiritual, Alternative Health, Metaphysical, and Educational type, taking place in both the USA and all over the world.

Psychic Centre
The site is designed to cater for all your spiritual and psychic needs. Whether you are looking for a Psychic Reading from Sue the top British Medium or would like to learn more about spiritualism, share your experiences with the likeminded people, you have found the right website.

Rich Arrington - The Reflective Psychic
Psychic Investigator, Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant from East Tennessee.

Sea Goddess Healing Arts
There are images of my sea goddess necklaces and information about my energy healing, both of which came out of my journey of letting go and self discovery.  There is a description and testimonials about the healing work and how the necklaces began.

Shirley Knapp - Northwind Productions
Spiritual Teacher, energy healer, author spiritual healing through books, tapes, classes, consultations, energy work.

An online website guide devoted to holistic spirituality, metaphysics, and healing.

Spiritual Expression - Poetry & Discussion
Dark Poetry, Romantic Poems, Poetry Contest, Information on Meditation, Dream Interpretation, and more.

Subliminal Tapes Self Improvement
Subliminal Tapes for Self Improvement

Success-Talk Radio
SuccessTALK Channels features over twenty-two Channels, eighty Hosts and Presenters and over thirteen hundred hours of audio content archived in topic specific, key word searchable libraries. Last month SMG streamed over 1,250,000 listener minutes. Traffic grows monthly at approx. 35% per month.

Susan Taylor Psychic Readings
Susan Taylor Psychic Readings is a spiritually gifted clairvoyant business dedicated to improving and enhancing the lives of individuals worldwide. Through exceptionally accurate and insightful spiritual readings, our gifted leader Psychic Sarah dedicates her life to helping you reconnect to the truth.

The "I AM" Project
Students and Teachers of Spiritual Unfoldment. We are a place that rekindles, rejuvenates and cultivates our own natural sense of awe and love. Here, we experience and honor all of who we are - the peace of mind, the harmony, the forgiveness, the gratitude, the joy, the abundance, the wisdom, and the unconditional love that we know as Spirit.

Unity Love
Searching For Answers? Seeking Life Changes? Come into the Awareness that will change every area of your life! A Complete and Simple Understanding is given, in such a way, that no matter where you are on your path, it allows you to Step right into Your Love, Happiness, Beauty, Heaven on Earth and Live It Now! Awaken To Who You Really Are!

World Light Center
International Spiritual & Healing Directories with Over 3000 Listings

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