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Averiís Predictions for 2006

          Averiís predictions have been the focus of worldwide media press for many years now. Here is a selection of her most recent predictions for the next twelve months. Get ready for a year of prosperity and fascinating changes.

 View Malibu Times article on Predictions

World Events:

  • Iraq will sign a treaty between the U.S. and their new government putting them under U.S. protection.

  • The first of three Kurdish rebellions will take place in Iraq.

  • Chinaí continued growth to significantly affect world commerce. China to begin strongly competing in the auto industry.

  • An increase in the number of pet adoptions.

  • Iranís continued stock piling and building of a nuclear reactor poses a threat to the world.

  • A serious terrorist attack on the Port of Los Angeles to be averted.

  • Increasing terrorist attacks, many averted worldwide and especially in the U.S., London, Spain, Australia and Indonesia.

Earth Changes:

  • Earthquakes will hit Alaska, India and Japan over a 6.0 magnitude.

  • Palm Springs, Big Bear and Mammoth can expect earthquakes which are 6 to 8 in magnitude.

  • Malibu will have a series of quakes but nothing creating total devastation.

  • The Caribbean Islands, Florida and the East Coast are again at high risk for category 3 and 4 hurricanes.


  • New athletic records will be set, especially in the areas of strength and endurance

  • Yachts will be larger, more than 500 feet in 2006, real megayachts.

  • Golf courses will relax and change the stringent protocols and attitudes now in practice.



  • Two new vaccines for the flu virus will be discovered next year that will take care of many strains.

  • Holistic health practices will escalate in acceptance and be well integrated in medicine.

  • Greater number of individuals discovering their own psychic abilities and their ability to forecast their personal futures.

  • Gene therapy is moving closer to eradicating some inherited diseases by 2010.

  • The Avian flu will have a vaccine available in 2007 and remain a threat throughout 2006.

  • Rise in the number of skin cancer cases recorded in dogs and horses.

  • President George Bush Sr. to have heart problems.



  • Computerized medical systems will become more common.

  • The new year will top 2005 in the number of targeted security breaches in cyberspace.


The Economy:

  • Slow but sustaining economic growth. The government may have financial difficulties but individuals can and will show excellent profits.

  • The U.S. housing industry will slow this year with reductions in asking prices and longer periods on the market.

  • Internet to take more print advertising dollars next year, creating a maximum drop of 15% in magazine revenues.

  • The stock market to remain strong and volatile. A good year for profit taking and individual stock growth.

  • Interest rates will remain stable with one or two more increases this year.


To see the complete list of Averiís predictions for 2007, click here.

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