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Conceive, Believe & Achieve!

Dear Cyberfriends,

"What you can conceive, you can achieve."

This simple yet powerful affirmation has stood the test of time. Never has there been a more simple and true statement! If you can picture it, you can have it. The key word is "Conceive"! The how, when or why you will attain the things you want need not be a concern. If you hear yourself asking a question beginning with any of these words while you picture your dream, ignore it! The goal here is to envision what you want and nothing else. What is most important in this visualization process is that you must be clear about what it is that you need or want. There may be times when your vision is clouded with worries and/or excuses:

"Iíd love to have that job, but Iím not qualified." Or, "I wish I lived in a house like that, but I could never afford it." Or, "I really want to travel, but I could never get off work or have the money to really do it." "I want a loving relationship but it never works out for me." "There will never be peace on Earth".

The list of reasons why you canít have what you want grows and grows until you finally give up. You try to plot strategies with thousands of details on getting from point A to point B. You become frustrated and muddled with dead-end details, you lack power and lose faith in the infinite bounty of the universe. Your self-esteem suffers and as a consequence, you begin envisioning and creating less and less for yourselves. As your belief in your own inner power fades, so does the ability to create positive, prosperous, loving and joyous experiences in your lives. You find yourselves in situations that make you unhappy and stick with them because you are overwhelmed with excuses for why you cannot change. You begin to forget what your dreams were and what you really wanted for yourself. This is a product of your system conditioned and empowered by negative thoughts. Just as you bring negative situations into your lives through negative thought processes, so do you bring in the positive and joyous with positive and joyous thoughts. The level you vibrate at, from within, whatever that frequency, will draw to you a similar experience in your outer physical world.

When you consider that "conception" leads to creation of life, the idea of "conceiving" a dream then inevitably will lead to the creation of that dream. It is the Universal Law of cause and effect. In the vast beauty of the universe, the creation of a joyous, optimistic life experience is not only possible, but also easier to achieve than most can even imagine. Your ability to create has been with you all along. You do not need to be taught how to envision and create things in your life, because you do it every second of every day. Everything that surrounds you, your jobs, relationships, living circumstances, have all started as a thought form or vision from within your soul. These thoughts define who you are. When you want to change, all you need to do is look within and ask for change and focus on what you want instead of what you donít want. This process tells the universal creator that you are ready to receive, and achieve, a better, more glorious reality.

Focus is a very powerful part of achieving our goals. If you are able to focus on the end result, and only the end result of your vision, you are on your way to getting what you want. Take a moment right now and think about a dream that you have for yourself. The one only you and God know Ė you know the one. Each of you has completely different wishes and wants. One of the wonders of the universe is that you are so unique and your creative powers are so individually and beautifully diverse that this exercise will be distinctive and enlightening in what it reveals to you. Hold this picture in your mindís eye. Empty yourself of negative thoughts around this picture and donít let your mind tell you it canít happen. You can play the positive tape of success or the negative tape of limitations, fear and failures, itís your choice. By the choice you make here and now, you have the power this present moment to begin the most incredible spiritual journey of your life!

Once you have the vision firmly and fully formed in your mind, surround it in a warm loving light. Let yourself feel the joy of having that dream come true. Feel the happiness and elation throughout your whole being. Hold that feeling a moment longer. Donít try to figure out the logistics of getting what you want. The universe will provide it for you. You need only hold the focus on that vision you have created and feel deeply the joyous feelings it brings to your soul. When you take away from the vision by worrying over details, you dilute the power that you have to create joy. If you envision difficulties, then it is difficulties you will create. You are now magnetizing yourself to attract your dream to you. Faith in your ability to manifest your dreams is essential to achieving those dreams. Envisioning your dream in its perfect, unencumbered form will set a wondrous chain of events into motion that will stun you with the exquisite correctness of the sequence of events leading to it. The sky is the limit. It is God who put this desire in your heart and soul. Donít confine your wishes and wants within the boundaries of what you "think" you should have. Let your soul have free reign! Give your limited thinking self the night off! What you can conceive, you can, in fact, achieve!


To further understand how I can help you bring your vision into reality and focus please call my assistant Dave at 310 457-1165 or email us and we will be glad to explain all our services to you. Also make sure you check out the wonderful complimentary meditation on my site called "Soar and Manifest" at, and my new MP3 downloads at They can help you create miracles.

And a reminder, Summer Solstice (June 21) is around the corner. This is a time of greater light than darkness in your days and a powerful planetary boost which makes it easier to create. Also ahead is my birthday (June 22), and as many of you know I spend this time in a special meditation with God to help each and every one of you conceive, believe, & achieve your dreams. Use this energy wisely Ė This time you can do it!



"Where my focus goes, my energy flows" ~

"I magnetize myself to attract all that is good and wonderful on the planet" ~

"With Godís help I attune myself to the highest vibration to achieve my lifeís mission"~


Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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